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What We Do

We work with agencies, event professionals, meeting planners, and corporations to create a polished looking, easily executed event experience for their audience.


We’re a one stop shop for all of your event production needs. We bring best in class practices and the latest technology to execute our partner’s vision and wow their guests.


We believe virtual guests are just as important as the ones in the room. So we’ve designed a system to provide unforgettable experiences for the folks who couldn’t join in person.


We believe in combining a unified vision with seamless technical execution. We simplify venue operations, create accountability, and deliver exceptional experiences for diverse events and clients.
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How We Do It

Our process for delivering unforgettable events simplifies the execution of any event production challenge thrown our way. Whether someone has no idea where to start with an event, or they come to the table with CAD drawings and mockups - we have the resources and know-how to deliver an on-time, on-budget, and stress-free solution.

Our Process





If you haven’t clearly defined why you’re putting on an event and what the intended experience and outcomes are for your audience, we’ll help you uncover your why to optimize your production.
We reach an equilibrium among all stakeholders to establish a technical vision that aligns with budget, timeline, goals, and desired guest experiences.
Our internal processes leave no stone unturned in our preparation efforts. We systematically match event goals, venue parameters, technology and human capital in preparation for show days.
We show up early and prepared, which allows our clients to feel at ease and confident knowing the J Street Productions team will deliver an incredible experience.
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Why We Do It

The Reason

J Street Productions believes that the human spirit and an event's messaging should never be overshadowed by the technical elements of a live production. We protect the integrity of our partners’ brands and facilitate unforgettable events for their guests.

The Story

Every event has a story, but the best events create an environment where their guests live that story. It’s our goal to make sure your event is heard, seen, and felt to let your story resonate and be remembered by your guests.

The Connection

We are a relationship driven team and work hard to make our client partners feel like we are an integrated member of their organization. We connect ourselves to our partner clients' passion for bringing the story to their audience.

Who We Are

J Street Productions is a team of event production experts with combined experience of over 100 years in our industry. Our culture is rooted in four core values that govern how we work together, and with our clients and partners.

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The Core Four

No B.S.

Why Before What.

Everyone's Voice Matters.

Watch Each Others' Backs.

Here, There, Everywhere

J Street Productions has put on live events all across the globe, and we’re ready to come to you next! 

What Our Partners Say

“JSP has been a team player. They have taken on our projects with the same level of enthusiasm and dedication that our own employees do. Throughout working together, their singular focus has been on what is best for us and our event. Every decision they made was intentional and designed to support our message. We completely trust and rely on their approach to our projects and will definitely be using them again.”
“JSP really takes an active approach to understanding why we are doing an event and what is important to our audience.  All of their technical crew seems to understand the event’s importance.”
“Whenever we work with JSP, we feel like they are part of our team. Their staff is friendly, upbeat, and committed to creating an amazing experience, even when there are curveballs thrown at them. They are professionals, through and through.”