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Top-Notch Organization

J Street Productions not only provides its clients with state-of-the-art production equipment, but we also take great pride in delivering some of the best customer service in the live event industry. Our team is committed to putting on great events regardless of size, budget, or location.

Trusted Since 2013

J Street Productions prides itself on being a client focused partner in the live event industry.

Core Values

Why Before What.

We encourage the need to understand the story behind an event before we start. This keeps all of us moving in the same direction towards the same goals.

Everyone's Voice Matters.

We believe the best collaboration settings are ones that offer complete transparency from ourselves, our clients, and our partners.

No B.S.

We believe the best collaboration settings are ones that offer complete transparency between ourselves, our clients, and our partners.

Watch Each Others' Backs.

We help each other. We help others. We jump in and move things forward together.

Take Your Event to the Next Level

J Street Productions (JSP) is a national leader in live event production. Everything we do is designed around the client’s message and purpose. We are known for our innovative, intentional use of technology that enhances each event.

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked unexpected needs for expansion into video production, editing, and streaming services. As a result, JSP has become a more comprehensive company, able to exceed the new and developing virtual needs of our clients.

Have You Ever Heard of J Street?

If you search the internet, you’re going to find several stories behind why there is no J Street in Northwest Washington, D.C. and it can be difficult to understand which ones are true and which ones are not.

One rumor is that Pierre L’Enfant, a french military engineer  who designed Washington D.C., disliked then-Chief Justice John Jay so much that he refused to allow a street to bear his name.

A much less interesting story is that during the time of the city's design, the letters “J” and “I” were so similar
in appearance that the letter “J” was eliminated to ease the confusion.
There is  a much more saucy rumor that L’Enfant’s anger at Jay stemmed from a fight over a woman- an old familiar tale that makes this a desirable storyline. 

Everyone loves a good conspiracy, if you have a story about J Street, share it with us!


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